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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for the services?

Online payment or invoice.

Do you do custom floorplans?

Yes we can offer a wide variety and currently handle about 200 different floorplan styles. There is a high number of variables with custom floorplans, so just upload the required style with your order and we´ll replicate it.

Do I need to prepare anything?

No, not unless you have specific requirements for the floorplan.

How do I amend the floorplan if I need something changed?

You send us an email after you've received the floorplan. It´s easiest if you use a drawing tool and draw directly on the floorplan, but a written description will also suffice for smaller changes.

How accurate are the measurements?

We provide the internal area based on Gross Internal Area measurements, which means floor area without internal walls. The floorplan is re-drawn based on the matterport model and control measurements from the workshop. The floorplan is illustrative and recommended for marketing purposes only.

What´s your turn around time?

Usually the delivery is complete within 24 h, but we guarantee 48 h within normal business days. Orders placed on Fridays will be delivered on Mondays.

What other services do you provide?

We do image editing, CGI's, 3D engineering, video editing, virtual styling, VR solutions, web/software development and can handle most of your outsourcing needs. You can also invite us as a collaborator to your Matterport account and we can complete the walkthrough, disable scans that are obsolete etc.

Do I need to complete the order form every time?

No, if you want to set up your custom style, we can register your details in our order system which simplifies the order process.


We want to offer this as a cost efficient solution so we do not have phone support. We do however check our emails continuously so use the contact form below and we'll get right back to you.